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What is Bitcoin Futures Alpha?

Bitcoin Futures Alpha is a Cryptocurrency Asset/Share on Ethereum Blockchain Which Gives You the share of Bitcoin and all Bitcoin Forks Market Capitalization. Created By Traders for Traders and Economists for Bankers.


Asset Backed Banking

Asset Backed Banking

Asset Backed Banking

Asset Backed Backing allow governments and banks to print equivalent amount of fiat currency, equivalent to the amount they are holding.

Physical Bitcoins

Physical Bitcoins

Physical Bitcoins

Physical Bitcoins are backed by 0.000010000 BFA Tokens. These coins could be purchased through ebay and amazon marketplaces or directly from authorized merchants.

Decentralize Exchange

Decentralize Exchange

Decentralize Exchange

Decentralize exchange allow investors to trade BFA among other Cryptocurrencies. The Token will also be listed on other most popular exchanges

Contribute to our ICO and get 3000% returns. Guaranteed !

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PO Box 234177
Litte Lonsdale lond, London
Dist ntu 8011 England

info@bfa.science .com

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Sohail from Asia
Former eBay employee,
Currently works in UBL

Vlad from Russian Federation
Former Microsoft Employee, Specialize in Solidity/Ethereum Smart Contracts, JavaScript connecting user interface to blockchain. Have over 6 years experience building online client server applications.

Roberto Workman

From United States

Former IBM employee

Works as a software developer, develop full client-side applications. C++, C#, Oracle and Blockchain Expert

Vihar is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO and technologist, with more than 2 years of experience in the global software industry

A receipt of multiple industry awards and recognized by prestigious publications, he served as president and co-founder of BLIE

Rajshs heads the Information Technology and Operations team at Hertzi. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry

Erica Yeke is the Chief Technology Officer of the information technology consulting services firm HADM. Previously he spent three years with EMC, working in many roles; as a Senior Technologist he helped research, formulate, and drive technology strategy.

Kapleamn specializes in data center infrastructure and next-generation technologies, and has great experience in product development and management new technologies and partnerships.


Ricii is well known as a detail-oriented professional who is an expert in software development, cloud computing, and ICO as a service.

Rimi Alen co-founded InstallShield Software Corporation in 2000. He took the title of Chief Technology Adivsor, although he worked in all aspects of the business. He helped lead the company for nearly ten years

David has a strong functional expertise in marketing, product, business development, corporate development, and advising. For many years, he has been involved in all aspects of company building, from inception through fundraising (on both sides of the table), growth, business development, and exiting.

David also has an extensive international experience, having worked in the United States, Latin America, and China. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and is working on German and Chinese and great advisor

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